Megan S

This vehicle has been sitting on my driveway for 1 years and I made the call. Then tampabayjunkcarbuyers came that day, paid me $600 and towed it away. Now I have space for my new car. Thanks for the fast and easy service.


“Car was gone the same day! I was very surprised as how quick they were. I sold my car to a gentlemeon the phone at about 2:15 in the afternoon. I got a call from the buyer about 10 minutes later and my car was picked up 3 hours. THAT WAS ALL!! Very very simple, could not have been happier!”


“Best service you could ask for! They gave me a quote instantly and even came to my house to pickup my vehicle with cash!.”


“ is a very professional and generous company. They took my car on the same day and paid me top dollar in cash! I would strongly reccomend them if you want to get rid your junk today.”


“Best Junk car buyers you could ask for” Contact this company on the phone. They will give you detailed information regarding your junk product and calculate your car value.


I was very surprised and happy with the junk removal services company TAMPA BAY JUNK CAR BUYERS. On the same day, everything gets done, and I got instant cash for my old burnt vehicle.


TAMPA BAY JUNK CAR BUYERS is a very professional and generous company for buying your junk cars. I got the best service, more than I expected. They came to my location to pick up my damaged car and paid me a good amount in cash!

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