What Determines Scrap Metal Prices?

The price of scrap metal depends on the type of metal, location, quantity of scrap metal, and current market value. In other words, the price you get paid by a scrap yard will depend on what type of material you are selling, in which location you are selling, the Quantity of scrap metal you are selling, and how much the material is worth once refined.


One of the most common forms of metal scrap that is recycled is aluminum. The bigger items that can be scrapped are car parts such as engines, doors, rims, and hoods. At TAMPA BAY JUNK CAR BUYERS, we haul away all car parts to recycling plants. At recycling, plant aluminum is melted down and reused to create new products.

Steel Scrap Iron

Like aluminum, steel and iron can also be reused again to make new products. According to reports, 25 % recycled steel is used to make a new car’s body. Car manufacturing industries make use of the scrapped melted steel to make the new product. Metal roofing is one of them.


Copper is a widely used non-ferrous metal. It is found in scrap car’s starters, wiring, alternator, and other components. Copper content increases the value of your scrap car. As for junk cars, electrical wiring is recyclable. The pricing trend continues to be supported by the metal markets.

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